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How Compass helped Chups grow sales 26%



6 Weeks

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CMS: Squarespace

Executive Summary

Matt and Kori are two foodies on a mission to “diversify the tomato-dominated ketchup market” by bringing ketchup back to its roots. Believe it or not, ketchup originated as a fish sauce in Asia and is defined only by containing a vinegar and spice blend. So, Matt and Kori began expanding on the idea of what ketchup could be by pairing vinegar and spices with fruit elements like cherry and pineapple, and the result was magic.

‘Chups became a smash hit, but their website couldn’t quite keep up.

After just five weeks and less than $3,000, Matt and Kori’s new site was complete.

Company Bio

The idea for ‘Chups was born out of a fateful night of grilling! Feeling adventuresome, Matt searched the fridge for something tasty to pair with fresh turkey burgers. Something new and different from the usual condiments. A bowl of cherries looked lonely and intriguing, and he had an idea–why not make the cherries into ketchup?

So he did. And it was delicious! Matt and Kori talked about the cherry ketchup for months. They started researching. They discovered that fruit ketchup is not an original idea but one steeped in history and long forgotten in today’s commercial condiment market. But it dawned on them that America’s favorite condiment has lost its cool.


When their home kitchen-based business began to grow, they realized that their website was holding them back. Matt and Kori had been operating their basic site in almost two separate ways by using Shopify for selling and receiving payment for their delicious wares, and WordPress for blogging about and storing all of their recipes.

Eventually they began to notice that this combination and set up limits functionality, hurts SEO (and thus, sales) and is just complicated to operate. Before long, Matt and Kori were spending almost as much time fiddling with their website as they were making their beloved, industry disrupting ketchup, which simply wasn’t working for them. What’s more is that they both have an eye for design and understand the importance of good branding, something they couldn’t get to shine through on their website by themselves. Ultimately, they felt like their site was falling short of fully depicting the awesomeness of their story and their delicious ketchups.


Matt and Kori’s dissatisfaction with their current site led them to us. As always, they received a dedicated Compass project manager to wrangle every aspect of their process and to spearhead a rethinking of their content strategy. During the initial discovery phase, Matt and Kori made it clear that the website of their dreams was one that used many of the big, beautiful, professional photography that they already had of their products.

After uncovering every dream, wish, and expectation for their site, we understood Matt and Kori’s design preferences, and were able to move onto the next part of our process: pairing them with the perfect web designer for their project. After a quick kick-off call to put Matt and Kori in direct contact with their designer, their website was on its way.

Their new site involved setting up their e-commerce functionality with Squarespace instead of Shopify because it let us merge the blog element that was once running through WordPress into the same Squarespace site. Everything they needed was now all in one place, maximizing both the ease of use (good bye to the days of Matt and Kori spending more time online than in the kitchen!) and cohesiveness — their site finally felt like one integrated site rather than a meeting place for different elements.

Another reason that Squarespace was the best choice for Matt and Kori is because Squarespace has several themes that are dedicated to showcasing stunning photography, a central element of their new site. After just five weeks and less than $3,000, Matt and Kori’s new site was complete.

Once their site was live, as we do with every customer, we gave Matt and Kori customized, easy to use video tutorials that showed them how to add recipes and blog posts to their new site as well as how to manage their inventory and payments through their shiny new Squarespace site. This way, Matt and Kori had all the information they needed in an easily digestible format to hit the ground running with their new site all on their own.

Compass put us in the driver seat to manage our own content and product inventory!

Meet your website team

“Hiring someone to build our website was unchartered territory for us, but Compass made the process really easy! We recommend them to everyone that we hear is asking for a website.”

Matt Wallace

Chups CEO