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Maintain your website for a successful online presence.

Work with a maintain specialist to update content, make design changes or answer questions to keep your website looking professional.

Maintain Product at a Glance

Personal Support

Quick, friendly answers to questions about your website. Call or email us, whichever is easier for you.

Site Updates

Upload a blog post, add an event or add a new product. Whatever the update, large or small, we’re here to serve you.

Design Projects

Have changes to the layout, branding or style of your site? We’ve got the vetted Compass Design Network to call on for any design-related updates.

Monthly Reports

Get an easy-to-digest report sent to your inbox once a month. You no longer need to sign into Google Analytics to gain key insights about your site’s performance.

Compass offers three plans to meet your maintenance needs.


Email Support

1 request per month

$30 per additional request

$75 / hour design projects

Monthly Report

$19 / month+ cost of hosting


Email Support

2 requests per month

$20 per additional request

$60 / hour design projects

Monthly Report

$69 / month+ cost of hosting


The custom plan can have tailored request numbers, costs for design updates, and additional services. Reach out if you have questions, or think your business could use a custom plan.

$XXX / month+ cost of hosting

Frequently Asked Questions

Is email and phone support included in the plan?

Yes. You can call and/or email us at any time between 9am – 5pm EST.

Does my request quota roll-over or aggregate month-over-month?


What is a Request? What does a Request entail?

A “request” is 30 minutes of time that a Compass Maintenance Pro spends making updates to your site. Most normal requests can be handled in 30 minutes. If a request takes longer than 30 minutes, then Compass will add an additional request. For example, if a request takes 50 minutes, to handle, it would count as 2 “requests.”

Can we host on website on our own server, and still get Maintenance support from you?

No. With different server configurations, and the slew of issues that can happen on different servers, it is a requirement to host your website content through us. Recall that Compass uses the best tools available for this purpose, including Flywheel for WordPress hosting. Squarespace provides their own hosting.

What is the difference between a “request” and a “design project”?

A request is a project that a Compass Maintain Specialist can tackle, where as a design project is a project that a compass-vetted designer needs to get involved in.

Compass employs Maintain Specialists in-house, who are great at updates that do not require design work. This can include site audits, adding photos, adding text, adding blog posts, troubleshooting general website problems, updating theme plugins, etc.

Compass-vetted designers, on the other hand, work outside of the Compass office. Looping them into a project comes with additional costs, and therefore is more expensive. Our vetted designers are great at full redesigns and major site overhauls that require design work.

Working on a design project will cost $60 or $75 per hour. You don’t have to pay for any Maintain Specialist time during these projects, but they will server as the project manager for the duration of the project.

What payment methods do you accept?

Compass does not accept cash or check. Compass uses a third party called Stripe for our payment processing. Stripe accepts almost any type of credit or debit card. You can read more on their site here.

I have a Squarespace site. Can I host it through Flywheel or another company? Any company other than Squarespace?

No. Squarespace combines the website builder & content management system with hosting, which makes everything much easier to manage — it includes SSL, automatic security updates, systems uptime, automatic site software upgrades, etc. Because of all of these value props, Squarespace does not provide the ability to move a Squarespace site to a different hosting provider.

What does the monthly report look like? What do I get for a monthly report?

All Compass websites come with Google Analytics installed, which is the basis for your monthly report. Every month, we’ll send you a summary of your month’s analytics in a way that you can digest it.

Click here to view a sample report.

Why did you send me a payment form? Why can’t you just charge my card on file?

Many of our customers don’t have cards on file yet. As of February of 2017, we are adopting technology to store cards on file. If we send you a payment form it’s because we don’t yet have your card on file, and we need to use more rudimentary methods of getting your payment in our system.

Will Compass Transfer my WordPress site to another hosting provider for me?

No. Compass cannot transfer websites off of the tools we use. Due to the complexities of third-party servers, this process is not something we can quality assure.

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