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Our Beliefs

Creative projects should be delightful and financially viable for both small businesses and creatives.

The creative service industry is plagued with overhead– unclear expectations, messy and unconstructive communication, unclear timelines and milestones–resulting in premiums that make it financially viable for creatives to do client work. We believe that by streamlining the way creative projects work and handling project management, creative projects can be delightful and financially viable for everyone involved.


Everyone should be able spend their time doing what they do best.

Business owners should run their business. Web designers should design websites. Graphic designers should create graphics. Copywriters should write copy. Project managers should manage projects. Quality Assurance specialists should quality assure sites. IT Specialists should launch websites. We’re making it possible for everyone to do what they do best–nothing more, nothing less.

Our Values


In an industry that thrives on mystery, we’re doing things 100% transparently. Anyone can see our business model, we publish our investor updates on medium, and we’re just as dedicated to transparency internally as we are externally.


We’re building Compass into a sustainable business, but it’s also important that the individuals at Compass are living sustainable lifestyles. We work hard, and we stay fresh with mandatory vacations and capped workdays.


Everyone involved with Compass should be pursuing their personal goals and contributing to Compass’ mission at the same time. This is also the fundamental tenet on which we build our marketplace.


Health Insurance

Vision Insurance

Dental Insurance

Life Insurance

Mandatory minimum 3 weeks vacation

Capped work days

Forced weekly off days


Project Manager

As a Project Manager, you will help customers get awesome websites through the Compass process. Your primary objective will be customer satisfaction. Secondary to this goal is Compass Freelancer (Compass Pro) satisfaction. You will also formulate and help implement product insights, helping to continually improve our user experience.

There is lots of room for growth within this role. As the 10th team member at a growing startup, there are many areas for growth, many of which are difficult to predict at this time.

Roles and Responsibilities
  • Lead management late in the sales process
  • Formulating a business’s optimal online strategy, and helping them understand it
  • Strategizing customers’ websites —helping them outline a site structure that will capitalize on the overall needs of the business
  • Helping businesses generate content for a site
  • Facilitating a website project’s completion between a freelancer (Compass pro) & the customer
  • Helping the Operations and Product teams develop better systems and implement learnings into the process

You should expect to wear many hats, and although the Compass Project Manager role will be an initial intro, other opportunities will arise. There’s a tremendous opportunity for growth and autonomy.

  • Communication: you will be coordinating projects within a marketplace. This will inevitably involve communication between several parties (most commonly the Freelancer and Customer).
  • Organization: early processes require that Project Managers be extremely organized and diligent throughout a project’s duration. Customer happiness is our #1 priority, and having things fall through the cracks is not an option.
  • Critical thinking: ultimately, compass will streamline the process of filling projects. We need our Project Managers to think critically about bottlenecks, inefficiencies, red flags, etc. within our process. Critical thinking will also assist any additional/future roles within the company.
  • Emotional Intelligence: you have to constantly be aware of our customers feelings towards the Compass experience, and be able to act on this awareness with empathy.

You will be working closely with the current marketplace operations manager at Compass (Colleen Scanlon), other current project managers (Jayna Fey and Danie Harris) as well as our product team (Stuart Balcombe, Matt Fulton and Taylor Sundali). You would also have the option of partaking in some core team meetings, where we define long-term strategy and ongoing priorities as a core member of our small, talented team.

Within projects, you will also build relationships with customers and our freelance designers.

  • Salary: $42k / Year
  • Health insurance (vision, dental, health and life)
  • Equity options for an early startup (determined in hiring process)
How to Apply

Email Taylor at with a cover letter, resume and up to three references.